Savvy Sampler: Bio-K Plus

My Savvy Sampler kit included two health supplements, including two Bio-K Plus capsules. According to the pamphlet,  Bio-K+ is a probiotic. Probiotics are digestive aids. This particular product is different from others in that it does not include yogurt cultures and has a shelf life that is three times longer.

I have chosen to remove liquid dairy from my diet because I get stomach aches from it. Yogurt and some cheeses are tolerable, but some definitely are NOT. Ice cream is a ‘no,’ but cream cheese in moderation is a ‘yes.’ I don’t really understand it, have not had testing, but know that I don’t like stomach aches! My youngest also has to make sure that she doesn’t close a meal with a long drink of milk.

I took two Bio-K+ capsules, but didn’t attempt to drink a cup of milk. I’m not tempting fate, and I didn’t notice a difference in my diet or my stool. However, I can say that I liked the capsule form. The capsule was rough and not as gelatin-y, touchy, and sticky as other capsules. I don’t think you can see the texture, but I tried to show it here with a little shadow. Note that if it were smooth, you’d have a big glare.

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