Nail art

Confession: I’m a sucker for nail polish.

All my life I have loved polished nails. One of my first strong memories of an aunt was her perfectly polished nails. If I feel the need for a splurge, I’ll whiz by the clearance nail polish area before heading to the registers.

I just started following Polish or Die — only a couple weeks ago. I’m loving it. The original post on leopard print is here. My version:

juliecache leopard print fingernail polish
I used e.l.f. nail polish in mint cream for the background, OPI Pompeii Purple for the dots, and e.l.f. Black to outline the dots. I used a flat toothpick for the dots and outline. It took about 30 minutes and was very easy.
juliecache leopard print nail polish

How do you feel about nail polish? Are polished nails a good look, give a bad impression, take too much time and/or money? I’m curious to know what people think.

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