Frugal Tuesday Tip: How many days until Christmas?

Did you take advantage of Black Friday sales? My men went shopping in the late afternoon of Black Friday and report that traffic wasn’t crazy. I worked my seasonal retail job in the early afternoon and again, it wasn’t crazy. Once the big huge discounted items were gone, there were still plenty of sales to go around. In fact, several stores had different deals for Saturday morning and a few had deals that began on Black Friday continue into the following work week.

My older daughter and I took advantage rather by accident on Saturday. The timing happened to coincide with her trip back to the dorms. I learned from my manager that Black Friday shoppers look more than buy. Because of the five day weekend, many folks pre-shop the new merchandise, but don’t purchase until they gather a lot of information, even for low-dollar items.

It’s time for the Frugal Tuesday Tip!

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