Off the sticks and hmmm….my way is better

Being the practical and impatient gal that I am, I knitted a dishcloth. New one in the drawer, and an old one out of the drawer and into the trash can.

knitted dishcloth juliecache craft
Good old Lily Sugar ‘n Cream yarn

Once the dishcloth is washed, it gets ‘fulled’ — the stitches tighten and draw closer together because the yarns gets fluffier.

The color is Barnboard Twists (Save the Barn!), which is difficult to see in my photo. Maybe a glance from this thumbnail on the Lily site would help: 

It’s very pretty. If I am watching television (rare, I know) and I can’t sit still yet desire some time with my husband and kids (frequent occurrence), knitting seems to help.

So I worked on this dishcloth and my youngest wove on her loom while Ken Burns’ Dust Bowl Part I played on the DVR (Love that thing. Best invention ever. Of all time.). The jackrabbit clubbing was something I had never heard of, but Mr. TellBlast’s father said (in the very post-dust bowl days) that rabbits were herded and disposed of because they were a big problem in his area, too. Who knew?


I was going to show my life in photos from the last week, but instead, I want to show a WIN. My oldest and I were in the Art Museum Gift Shop where I spotted a fabric bin that looked a LOT like the one I just made and gifted to my sister. Oh so validating to see “your work” in public.

The biggest difference (besides the price tag) that I noticed was that the store’s bin didn’t include batting. The same thin cotton material for the inside and outside makes for a doubled wall that is…thin. As in not sturdy. So I think the use would need to be different from a sturdy denim and batting version. Naturally, this means that my way is better. 😉

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