Frugal Tuesday Tip: Gifts and Tips

Welcome to the Frugal Tuesday Tip, everyone!

I’d like to start this post by saying it’s a mad world out there. Traffic is crazy around the shopping malls. If you haven’t got your shopping done for the holidays and need some extra money, I just read about a local business called DMGigs. Maybe your town has something like it.

It’s an exchange site for freelancing. I started exploring it yesterday after reading an article about it in my local newspaper. (Sunday papers have grocery coupons!) I understand all but one area of the website (the scrolling want ads). I haven’t put any of my wants on the site, but I did respond to two want ads, so no success story to share at the moment. Craig’s List (national) is another place that I’ve searched for contract work. You probably have a skill that someone desires — think creatively about how you could sell your skill and you may end up with some extra money. It seems scary at first, but I have found that it’s like selling anything else and is quite time efficient.

It’s time for the Frugal Tuesday Tip!

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