Pin it! Do it! Orange Cleaner

I started this pin two weeks ago on Friday: Orange Cleaner, with the original idea evidently coming from a newsletter via The Grocery Shrink. I peeled clementines (Cuties are everywhere right now) and stuffed them in a jar. The jar began like this:

vinegar orange peels funnel juliecache

Pouring white vinegar over them and letting the jar sit for two weeks, I then strained the liquid into another container. But I liked the original jar, so I put it back and now have this, waiting to have the same quantity of water poured to complete the recipe:

orange cleaner juliecache

I was curious about the liquid at this stage. It smelled bitter. It tasted very bitter. I can’t wait to use it. What should I clean first?

I save jars by the way. They are nice to look at. I had three windowsills full of glassware in my last house. They each have a purpose. For example, the Brer Rabbit molasses bottles have a very small neck, but are tall and hold much water — great for single stems of zinnias or other flowers.

And wide mouth jars, like some salsas, are extremely useful for holding spoon butter and surplus honey for our own use. Small jars are nice for holding spice mixes and leftover salad dressings. If I still had my windowsills, I’d photograph them for you. In our current house, they are stored in cabinets.

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