Fairgrounds and wind turbines

wind turbine iowa
Home school families stand at the base of a wind turbine.

Iowa has wind turbines, especially in the northwest area of the state. We have one, sort a mini version, in the middle of town, at the state fairgrounds.

We learned about wind energy early in Nov. It is an interesting topic. I was hoping that the slide show we saw would be on the Midamerican website (here), but it’s not, so I’d like to share my text messaging tweets and images here.

I was impressed that an engineer gave the presentation. Her statements, of course, support the  existence of her current job, so take it all with a grain of salt. There could be other angle of wind energy that were not presented.

  • Wind is different from other forms of energy. Nuclear energy may be clean, but it is not renewable.
  • Iowa is the 7th windiest state.
  • Iowa’s energy is moved from the western part of the state to the eastern part.
  • Battery storage is not affordable for the utility.
  • The nacelle is the box attached to the blades. It’s the size of a bus and has room for 3 adults + gear box + generator.
  • There is no way to physically move electricity from the Midwest utility system to other parts of the nation. The infrastructure does not exist.
  • Midamerican Energy is the largest property tax payer in Iowa.
  • Residential homes wanting to leave the grid will find that converting to solar is much much more affordable than wind energy.

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