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I’m reflecting on new things I did in 2012, and there are a few that I never thought I would do. Like what, you ask? I hoped you would ask. In this last year, I…

  1. Joined Foursquare. It’s a silly game, that I kind of like. If I owned a smart phone, it could be more fun, but I feel like phones shouldn’t be more entertainment than communication. The real reason to have a phone for me is communicating with my husband and kids, especially if weather and transportation are issues — that’s a YES in Iowa. Weather goes hand in hand with transportation out here. I joined mostly for the consumer benefits — like a free t-shirt from the gym, free chips and salsa from the restaurant, you get the idea. I recently read foursquare’s new changes for its business-side interaction, and I’m hoping that companies will be empowered to use the information from foursquare to reward customers.
  2. Re-tiled a bathroom and kitchen. Talk about empowering — the process was awesome. However, Mr. TellBlast just found black mold in the kitchen wall. Same wall, different location. Those counters and tiles may have to come out this year.
  3. Purged. Majorly. Remodeling does that. Everything gets upset and disordered, then when I go re-organize, I’m standing there wondering why did I save this doodad? This will be a long-term project, especially since I’m at a new stage of life with all my kids growing. When did they get self-sufficient and quit needing me?

Those are the biggies for me. I had to put crafting on the back burner with the lack of space and access to supplies and equipment with the remodel. I just broke out the sewing machine this week — my youngest has the tall and skinny problem that pre-teens have. I let out the hem of her pants ($3.48 at Macy’s after Christmas) to lengthen them. I’m extremely happy and thankful for the ability to do this at home.

How was your 2012? Our family closed the year with quality time in a new state — Washington.

a neighborhood dog joined us. i named him doug.
a neighborhood dog joined us. i named him doug.
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