Crafty Monday: Something I love

I’ve had my eye on these for months. I never took the time to purchase them for myself because they just seemed excessive.  Because I already have a well-appointed kitchen. Because I just re-organized my utensil drawers with our remodel. But they are very nice to look at and they were made in a town fairly close to here. Once I got them home, they’ve gotten a lot of use in my week-long ownership.

brandow willow avenue crafty juliecache rebecca three little squares

My family is using the squares frequently. They are much more convenient to use (and wash) than a spoon rest or a saucer for tea bags. AND WE HAVE THREE OF THEM! I feel very lucky to have these. I think they get used most often when someone wants to heat something in the microwave oven. You stir something, move food from a container to a plate, check the doneness, etc. and want to set your fork or spoon down without getting the counter or stovetop dirty. Eggs stay in place when placed in a little square. The uses are endless. I love our three little squares.

I learned about Willow Avenue Pottery through a home school friend, and my oldest and I always talked about going to her open studio days last year.  (Her etsy shop is here.)

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