Beachcombing….at night

I’m all about experience and newness. For Christmas week, we spent one week in a cabin on the Hood Canal. The basement door took us right out to our own beach. The owners left kayaks should we feel moved to explore the shore. (The kayaks remained indoors — either the weather too cold or we’re not adventurous enough.)

Low tide came at night, and we could watch it recede every afternoon. Mr. TellBlast set a searchlight off the deck to aid everyone in their search for the perfect rock, shell, or piece of beach glass. Most of us had packed handheld flashlights or headlamps, too.

beach g (3) small
“G” of GAIN searches for three identical rocks to take home.

We probably did this three nights. When we had to leave, tough decisions about which pieces to pack and which ones to throw back into the canal had to be made.

beachcombing (5) sorting
The pingpong table made a nice sorting area.

In addition to a deck, we also had a fire pit at the cabin. It was a nice and memorable way to spend a Christmas Eve.

marshmallow (1) small

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