Standing at a crossroads

Yep, that describes me. Since our kitchen and bathroom remodel, Mr. TellBlast and I have been standing at a crossroad. By emptying one room and filling another, we stand between the two rooms and question all the stuff we have. By having one child move out for college, we stop in the thresh hold and question our activities and purpose in life as the rest of the kids grow older. By having all but one child at home for school, we’ve been questioning my place as homemaker in particular. Should I get a job outside the home?

I was educated to be an engineer, and there is a job that is related in town, but it’s pretty dead end. I’ve been floating as a freelancer for many things (fill in the blank!)  for a while, but really crave steady hours and benefits. Benefits? What are those? Self-employed as we are, we have lived without health insurance for years.

I’ve spent the last year in specialty retail on a very part-time basis. There are very few opportunities to advance; lots of support, training if you ask really loud and frequently, but little (appealing) opportunity. I just want out of a mall. I want windows, and control over the music in the store, over my schedule, over inventory flow, and maybe commission. I’ve applied for quite a few jobs that hinged on homeschool friendly hours in the last year without advancing beyond the interview stage. Nothing was a good fit!

Then, because of a freelance writer acquaintance, I was alerted to another specialty retail opportunity. A full-time job, that is not homeschool friendly in its hours. Oh my! A job brings questions to the table. Being at home with Mr. TellBlast means that we cope well with one car. Could public transportation become a part of my life? Can we continue to live without benefits since it’s a small and young store? I’m standing in the middle and looking down all the roads.

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