Crafty Monday: Little People

I’ve had fairy gardens on my mind lately, so all things tiny have been on my radar.

juliecache, craft, wooden miniatures
cute little tiny flower fairy, wizard or gnome, and baby flower fairy

I looked around Wee Folk Art and bought some wooden doll pins. I found just one size, 2 inches, at just one store (I shopped at three stores). I had to adapt the patterns at Wee Folk Art to fit my doll pins, but that was not a difficult thing. I have a lot of felt scraps from my grandmother (I think) and embroidery floss (accumulation from the years – imagine that!), so this is almost a free project for me. The baby flower fairy was made by “I” of GAIN Academy. She would still like to create a hat. And her flower petals (with painted sepals) are removable. The other “flower cape” is cream colored.

juliecache, needlework
You have to look at the embroidery work on the hat. Isn’t it darling?

This post is part of Monday Funday (same host as the former M.M.M.). Check it out by clicking on the graphic below and find more fun craft projects.

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