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Our kitchen work came to a screeching halt because of …… more water. Mr. TellBlast found mildew on the wall adjacent to the area that he removed back in Jan. 2012. Just opened the cabinet to get something, and whoa! Heart-sickening. All the cabinets were in place. The floor was tiled and looking good. The countertop and sink looked gorgeous. I could cook in my own home! But they would all have to come out if we didn’t find the leak that was causing the mildew.

I fondly remember July 2012 as the month of a new garbage disposal.
I fondly remember July 2012 as the month of a new garbage disposal.

Our neighbor the plumber was dumbfounded when he took a look, just like dh. Thinking there were no areas of concern in Feb. 2012, this was a surprise to him. He spent some time re-routing and replacing the guilty pipes, hoping that the mildew would dry up and go away. If it stayed and/or grew, then Houston, we have a problem.

Fortunately, the wall dried up. 🙂

We bought a tile saw this week.

Pencils of black granite are now lining the edge of two countertop surfaces. The counter looks nicely finished up close. From farther away, you can see the edge of the wooden board below the pencil. Covering that will be the next step. Pencils come first.

Pictures of my ingenious husband’s jig to come soon.

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  1. When we replaced our cabinets last year, we discovered the previous owner had done some work and cut into part of the drain pipe inside the wall. Just a small nick with a circular saw, but enough to make it leak when the water was running hard, like when the dishwasher was draining. The wall was a mess when we pulled it out, had to do unexpected plumbing, and had a delay from it. Happy to say everything is looking good one year later and we love our new kitchen!

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