Pin it! Do it! I’m tired of the “mom ponytail”

I have a few Pinterest friends, including ones with longer hair. Even though I have medium length hair, I still get static and generally annoyed at having my hair in my face at times. So I’ll pin the long hair ideas, like this one, three little twisty buns. Since my hair and rooms are so dark and un-photographable, here is the original photo from Cup of Jo:

cup of jo has a nice tutorial on this hairstyle.

With my black hair, you can’t really see how nice the effect is unless you’re right next to me. I think this is a fabulous alternative to the low mom ponytail. The biggest challenge is lining the buns up so that one side isn’t higher than the other. This style is very quick to complete and takes very few supplies.

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  1. This might be a little off topic but as a guy when I see a girl with hair like this I always wonder how on earth it is done, genuinely curious here!

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