Pin it! Do it! Soft Fishtail

I have enjoyed trying variations of and replacements for the ponytail. On Monday, I tried the Soft Fishtail.

juliecache tried the soft fishtail

My original pin on Pinterest.

One source (but it could have been published online earlier by someone else).

Thoughts: My hair is shoulder length with long layers. With my short sides pieces of hair, I used a technique similar to a French braid. Fishtailing is extremely similar, and when it’s worn loose, it also looks very close to a loose French braid. Conclusion: I’m keeping this style, but will need to refine it.

Refine it? Yes. I’m not a huge fan of the long barrette; I’m still figuring out how to get the rest of my ponytail hidden under the fishtail portion. With my hair as fine, and therefore thin, as it is, anything more than wearing it down is a perpetual challenge.


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