Fighting the mom ponytail

I have used the French braid to deal with the skimpy amount of hair on the sides of my head since age 14 or so. Which means I’ve been doing it for a long time. I thought I’d snap a photo of what it looks like, then compare it to the fishtail pony. Here is the soft fishtail side by side with the French braid (after a lame zumba class).

juliecache looks for more than the average ponytail

What I learned by looking at the photos side by side.

  • They look different.
  • I like the pony elastic. Even with the barrette being easier, it’s not always the best choice. Maybe I should find a different barrette to sway my opinion on this.
  • I can start the fishtail higher on my head.
  • But I still haven’t figured out how to hold my hair during a fishtail on the high part of my head. Not knowing helped the look be loose, but I wanted to start higher with my wispy shorter pieces of hair.
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