I’d like the tomato soup, too, but none for my husband. {front hall}

I’ve proposed several times over the 13 years this house that I’d like the impact wall to be red. My husband always says no very firmly. I asked if he likes [insert one of four family members with red walls here]’s house. I’ve never heard, “How can they stand that room?” or “I get a headache in that red room.” I really don’t understand it. Nevertheless, I did ask more and know that he does value and want an impact wall, agrees with me on which wall it ought to be, and may have found a way to do it that he would find acceptable — blocking off elements with paint for accent. Now we have to agree on which pieces go on the wall…..

Fresh look — covered switchplates

In the meantime, I covered my switchplates in decoupage, following this tutorial. I have two sets of switches. They had streaks of crayon and generally wouldn’t come clean when I tried, just like my walls.

switchplate cover before
gross, i know. i tried cleaning it many times.

The thing with newly painted walls is that, well, -everything- looks dirty in comparison. I mean that.

I took my paint chip with me to the store (and lost it once by setting it on a shelf) and found a lovely cardstock. I was hoping for a paper that would be flexible, but this pattern was only on cardstock. It was pretty stiff. The price of beauty….

I started to work.

That swirly block of clay? I used it to paint the screwheads.
That swirly block of clay? I used it to paint the screwheads.
switchplate cover after
ah, how pretty


My younger son noticed the switchplate right away. He also commented about our newly painted walls:

If these walls were a baked potato, it’s be a really, really good baked potato.

He’s a funny one.

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