Community garden

My fair city has a community garden program, but 2013 is its first year. I walked down to the pilot site to see if I could learn any information with my eyes. I found nothing but footballers. No plots marked. No water source for garden hoses. Maybe the pilot has failed to gather enough interest. Deadline to get a 10′ x 10′ plot is April 1, 2013.

jordan creek park cut stumps
Stumps. Were trees cleared to accommodate the garden plots?
jordan creek park NW
You can see where the ball field stops and the spectator area starts by the change of grass.
jordan creek park (1)
The south edge is shady and flooded.
jordan creek park (4)
Amenities include this kybo and dumpster (behind the gate).
jordan creek park (3)
Paperwork involves talk of garden hoses. No where to connect on this drinking fountain.
jordan creek park (2)
This is the correct park. No plots have been marked as of Wed.


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