Work, work, work

headshot 3 13I’ve been transitioning into a new stage of life. I have  four kids, but only three are now living at home. Just one of them is homeschooling, and she’s part-time, at that. We’ve committed to full-time enrollment next year. It’s as though I’ve graduated college and should start a job search….nineteen years after graduation.

Asking myself what I should do when I grow up is different now than near the end of college, though. I’m committed to living here until my youngest graduates. I am not worried about having an appropriate wardrobe like I was in 1992 and 1993. I have the same feelings about travel now as I did upon graduation: it’s sometimes an interesting and necessary task, but not something I crave.

There was an incident at my part-time work that has me feeling like I’m ready to leave. I’ve read that writing a resume can lift your self esteem. Mine just makes me feel….old. It’s four pages long because I’ve done a lot of very different things over the years. Have you returned to work after a long gap in employment?

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