Pin it! Do it! Cake Pops

Cake balls and cake pops are all over the internet and of course, Pinterest. I didn’t even make a pin because I didn’t see any spectacularly unique cake pop recipes or photos. Here are my ingredients:

ingredients for cake pops


The can of frosting is buttercream, the cake crumbs are leftover from Easter. I don’t routinely waste cake, but I infrequently make cake. Which would explain why I inverted the rack over the cake pan, released the pan, and didn’t set the cake right side up, thereby adhering the cake to the rack. I had to trim the cake to a large depth before layering and icing — layered with scratch lemon curd and “iced” on the upright edges with whipped cream and coconut.

For me, the most difficult part of making cake pops (or cake balls) was the figuring the ratio of crumbs to frosting. I mixed a stiff batter, which you can see below. Recipes with a specific volume of crumbs would have helped immensely. Maybe I’m just impatient during internet searches. My younger two kids would have liked less frosting.

juliecache mixes frosting and cake crumbs


Once I mixed the crumbs, I formed them into balls, refrigerated, then coated with almond bark. I forgot the photos.

Conclusion: Cake pops are more labor and time intensive than icing a cake. I probably won’t be making any more.

Why: I probably won’t make any more because I don’t even know what they taste like. I was just using leftover cake and lolly sticks creatively. I wouldn’t make a cake specifically for cake pops because of the time and labor involved.

And, I’m on a junk food fast (Pinterest again) with my oldest for 21 days. Junk food for us is defined as:

  • chips
  • chocolate
  • candy
  • cookies
  • cakes
  • donuts
  • muffins
  • pastries
  • white bread
  • fast food
  • nutella, peanut butter, similar spreads
  • ice cream

Eating out takes a lot of thought under the fast.

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