Return of the runner

Back in Oct. 2011, I had a reaction to a laundry soap. As 2012 began, I had a reaction to a prescribed medicine. My vision has settled down in the year following, and I feel that my skin may be on the road to recovery (It takes a long time for me. Discoloration from itchy eczema takes at least a year). Closest it’s been to normal in a while. The result of the vision, “no contact order” (the beginning of that story is here) and dry skin was me not sweating. No exercise. Without contacts, how would I exercise? And believe me, I’ve gotten bigger because of it. Not heavier, but bigger enough to need a new pant size. Ouch.

glasses strap
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Enter the glasses strap, along with its self-conscious, junior high memories. I tried a few different options, but this has worked the best at keeping my glasses on my face in a comfortable position. I used it, but not regularly over the last year. However, I just realized that


My first run was just under 2 miles and felt like crap. My feet were very heavy. Maybe it was the weather. Maybe I forgot what it was like to run outside. Maybe it was the new shoes.

My second run the next day was 3 miles and … felt just fine. What a relief! I was down on myself.

I skipped the next day, but the next, I thought running 4 miles sounded like the next logical step. I don’t recall ever running a distance of 4 miles, so I felt great when I made the distance with no stopping along the way. Focus, three weeks, 5k, pride.

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