Product review: Bosch dishwasher

I never mentioned our new dishwasher. Purchased last year, and barely visible in this summer photo, is our dishwasher. The old one was twelve years old and we had to run it twice a day. Yes, twice a day. Six people live and eat here. We had a rule (the result of a homeschool seminar) of turning the dishwasher on before retiring for the night. Which worked well until the teenage years came. The old dishwasher was not cleaning our dishes well and made a big leak through our floor, so we looked at getting a new one.

We chose a Bosch.

I can’t find our model on the Bosch website, but it’s not the Ascenta. Mr. TellBlast read many reviews and discerned that Ascenta was not for us. We now have cleaner dishes than ever. And I mean ever.

inside juliecache's new bosch dishwasherLooks. Yes, it looks nice on the outside. We chose a black door to match the black oven. It has a recessed handle. We cannot hang a kitchen towel on our dishwasher handle.

On the inside, it looks nice, too. The racks are supposed to last forever and not rust out on you (like our old one). The upper rack can be moved into three positions. It is currently in the lowest position. Should I have an odd, tall, unwieldy thing to wash on the lower rack, I can raise the upper rack. Or if I want to wash two layers of cups or jelly jars, I can lower the top rack — you can see a coffee mug on the upper shelf in the back of the rack.

The silverware tray is removable and has lids to keep small things corralled or add support to utensils.

What we like second best: the packing density. The racks are genius. We can get many dishes in this appliance — we don’t even wash once a day. So we have about the same amount of space as our old dishwasher, but more dishes go in one load because the prongs are spaced close together.

The appliance floor includes a removable cup to catch things like broken glass, bones, and large pieces of food.

What we like first best: the sound of (almost) silence. It’s so quiet that we have look to see if the red power light is shining on the floor.

Also nice: the “clean” light. When the load has finished running, the clean light comes on. Until someone empties the dishwasher and turns the light off. How convenient.

What we like best best: clean dishes.


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