Milk jug greenhouses

I started getting spring fever in March. After all, March 21 is the start of the season. I couldn’t into the garden beds easily, but I knew that cool season crops could be started. In the past, I used clamshell packages from a neighborhood bakery, but they were shallower than I wanted. Pop bottles and milk jugs could give me the same effect as the clamshells, while also giving a deeper bed of soil. Here’s what I’ve done.

milk jug greenhouses

Results. Well, the thermometer has been a roller coaster ride since I planted on March 6 — it’s Iowa, where we keep it real with a healthy mix of snow, frost, air conditioners, sun, shorts, and furnaces within a two week span. I finally have some baby plants, and I recently laid down more seed in the milk jug with lettuce. Once I added water to the milk jug with kale, I got sprouts. Here’s how the plants look after a month:

milk jug greenhouse with kale
milk jug greenhouse lettuce

It’s really too early to know if these plants will take off or be hardy enough to thrive outside of their protective little homes. I believe they’ll be naturally hardened off. I also know that they’re safe from rabbits, the bane of my existence, while they’re in the milk jugs. I am ever searching for a good way to keep the rabbits away.

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