Return of the runner: Cross training

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How’s the running? you ask. Thank you for asking. It’s A-OK. I will be in good shape for the weekend’s 5k charity. It’s a local charity for Habitat for Humanity, no fund-raising involved.

I used to get headaches when I danced and ran with my glasses on. With my glasses strap, I don’t have that problem. Keeping my personal pride for our upcoming 5k appears to be maintain-able. I can definitely stay at a recreational pace for a few miles. I can attend a cross-training class and still feel like I have a couple miles left in me.

I decided to visit the gym or run for a minimum of four days a week. The 5k began as the excuse to exercise, but I think it’s become more of a ‘return to my normal self’ plan. With sidewalks zigzagging right outside my front door, it’s easy to do. When the weather is pleasant, that is.

And our April weather has been “not pleasant” lately. So, running on a treadmill and cross training have been on order. Cross training is exercise in my non-dominant discipline, where running is the main discipline. After I drop off “I” of GAIN to her afternoon classes, my clock starts ticking. Whether I need to start a shift at work or run errands, I have window of opportunity. May be thirty minutes, or I might get a window of a couple hours. If I stop in the gym, it’s for BOSU class, or the rowing machine, weight lifting class, or as a reality check — the treadmill. Or a time for me to just chill out sometimes — reading a magazine while walking on a treadmill.

I’ve tried zumba, and Les Mills’ BodyJam and BodyPump classes — I am not a fan. People come just for those classes, but I’m not one of them. They pretty much go against what I believe a teacher should be and have and what a student deserves to have for the price she pays. There is no responsiveness or feedback because the structure is so tight and scripted. And while I enjoy some of the music, the repetition over the weeks kills my spirit. I think it goes back to the talent pool. Talented, creative, knowledgeable, and responsive teachers are in short supply for a large fitness industry. Call me old-fashioned, but I’m sticking with the tried and true.

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