The Power of Women

juliecache and beekeeping
having fun with my  GFWC thank you gift

On Friday, I spoke to a group of women from across the state about keeping honeybees. The General Federation of Women’s Clubs is a powerful group of women. Some of them have maintained friendships for decades and across many miles because of their membership. That is power.

Historically, many important initiatives, such as street lane markings, have been the result of women’s clubs. Iowa’s GFWC president chose a theme of Sustainability and as the spouse of a beekeeper, believes that honeybees play a role in sustainability. I completely agree. (And humorous side note: honeybees are women. I think that is humorous.)

I’ve attempted to capture the power of women as an adult, and the most success I’ve seen comes from large and established groups. As in, they existed before I joined. When I try to form a group, I just can’t put the energy to be every role that a group needs to thrive.

Anyway, spending time with these gals gives me some perspective. Many people told me their ‘bee story’ and I enjoyed hearing them all.

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