Community garden progress

I’ve taken my plot and straightened out its borders a bit. “N” of GAIN went to work with me last week and we measured 10′ x 13′ instead of the expected 10′ x 10.’

After some community discussion via email, some of us voiced concern about deer and other critters. The plots are near a creek, woods, an open field and railroad tracks. The city superintendent of rec stated that any fencing must be temporary and not taller than 4′ — permits required otherwise. After determining that a group fencing purchase wouldn’t work, I bought for myself. I must remember that my purchases are hard goods, re-usable, and more investment than consumable. So “N” used a post driver to install 8 posts to a height of 4′ then helped me mark off the plot in a grid. I laid down some boards that he found near the railroad tracks to mark the center path that I’ll use.

I now have this:

My sign is reflecting the sun. Hope it doesn't blind you.
My sign is reflecting the sun. Hope it doesn’t blind you.

I have to say that I was shocked when I went to buy fencing — 4′ wooden garden stakes were more expensive than steel fence posts. I think it ought to be the opposite.

Also, we had significant rain, and my mulch stayed in place. With the slope of the land, I was worried that the back edge would wash away. What a relief.

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