Handmade (by someone else) in my home

I have given tours of things I’ve made by hand, here and here, but today I would like to give a tour of my house of stuff that someone else made with their own hands.

I’ve written about my Three Little Squares. There are now two little squares, which is very sad indeed, and they are used almost daily. I love that they are extremely easy to clean. Just a swipe of the thumb under a stream of running water is usually all it takes.

And I have mentioned this portrait by Miranda Mueller that I commissioned, but never showed it. Have a look. It’s my house.

miranda muller illustrator
Love it!

My latest handmade goodies

An earring holder from local Repinned — I love locals, because I don’t have to wait for the mail. She made the earring holder quicker than I would have taken. I’d pinned it several times, and shopped several times with no luck. I wanted screen and a tabletop version. Not lace, not wire clothes lines, not hanging on the wall. I ended up asking a local handmade board if anyone could make an earring holder for me. Repinned to the rescue! My plan is to spray paint the back black. I fastened the back with only two of the four clasps to allow some give in the screen, making it easier to get the earrings on and off.

I usually have three more pairs hanging on this. The blue beaded earrings were handmade by a friend’s sister in Ecuador. The other earrings came from my mom’s jewelry store.

Even though I didn’t have to wait to get the earring holder because of the mailman, I do love happy mail. Like today.

Earrings from GoodSmiths vendor Julie Kujawa — I drive by the GoodSmiths office in Historic Valley Junction about once a month. And I love the Pacific Northwest, where the silversmith lives. Package rush! The box came today.

handmade earrings my julie kujawa
I love opening packages.
handmade earrings by julie kujawa
The earrings are handmade upon request.


the wire is thicker than all my other earrings
the wire is thicker than all my other earrings. have to get used to that.
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