The case for diversity

I got a “warm call” last week asking for website assistance. The comment I got was, “You do a lot of things.”

When I was growing up, I wanted to be everything — nurse, paleontologist, geologist, biodegradable plastic inventor, business developer, hair model, (fill in the blank). In my college years, a Ph.D. researcher/photographer/fantastic man all around told me that I did not need to be in school to learn. As he said this, he made a sweeping motion to the walls of his front room, three of which were covered with shelves and filled with books and one stereo. The titles are extremely diverse. This was over twenty years ago and it was a turning point for me.

As I look at my family’s experience with the public school district, reflect on the time I’ve invested in homeschooling, and think about the future in general, I have to thank my grandmother and other educators for teaching me to learn how to learn and to love learning.

I’ve been able to do many things because I was willing to learn, or risk, when others weren’t willing to take to the time and effort to do so. And I’ve enjoyed the journey. I believe that I’ve lived a full life because I pursue my interests and want my children to have the same. How about you?

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