Moving the swarm

new hive swarm (2) resized

How did I move the swarm? I found that Mr. TellBlast and “G” of GAIN had photographs and found this shot. It was taken right before I moved the cluster of bees. Jason, my “phone a friend,” told me that I had between 2 and 12 hours to get the swarm. I wedged some screen in the front porch of the new hive to prevent the bees from leaving.

The grass is too tall for you to see the bees under the old porch, but I used an entrance reducer/stick to wipe the bees off. They fell onto the board that I set beneath them.

new hive swarm (3) resize

I shook the bees off the board over the new hive. They fell into place, I set the lid on top, and left them for 24 hours.

new hive swarm (4)

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