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Free burlap coffee sacks
Free burlap coffee sacks – back side

Burlap sack reincarnated

During our field trip to the coffee roaster, I ended up going home with a burlap coffee sack. After seeing all the pallets of green coffee, I asked if the sacks get sent back to the grower or decaffeinator for reuse. The answer was that the bags are given to customers, and typically used in a garden as mulch. Similar to newspaper in a lasagna garden, burlap will suppress weeds and disintegrate into dirt. (More garden uses for burlap here. Yes, beekeepers do like burlap for their smokers. I will be harvesting my first, extremely early 2013 honey crop soon.) “G” of GAIN Academy wanted his own sack, and I was able to get one from the retail store. Here they are.

burlap decaf germany
I came home from the roaster with this sack.
burlap front mexico
The fabric is very different on both sacks.

The coffee bag from Mexico has a nice blue stripe, which I would like to use for a kitchen rug, like this one.

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