What I’ve been up to

Thanks for asking what I’ve been up to. Answer: A whole lot of busy nothings.

There’s my plot to tend at the community garden. I gave the city council a little update on it this week, letting them know that the staff is excellent to work with. Hopefully the council and everyone in attendance has noticed or stopped by the plots, because I think a garden in a public space has inherent value. One lovingly prepared, mostly-scratch meal is my goal for most days. The garden helps me do that. I’ve met people at our church garden and our former CSA who never knew that garlic and potatoes came out of the ground. Grown adults. Using the community garden is my form of a food awareness campaign.

I noticed that I had an unopened envelope of sweet corn, so I planted it. The next day, I noticed that it was dated “For 2003” Yikes! The stuff I find in my drawer….

I bought new seed last night and got it in the ground today with “I” of GAIN. I’ll put more corn in next week. I chose a variety that grows only 5′ high, so I’m looking forward to an accessible harvest. It’ll be a later harvest, but that’s OK with me. There is no race. Here is our water tower.

community garden water tower

The “community” in the community garden is ten families. One man put this hose and holder onto the water tower, which the City provided for us. Another hose is also available from a woman with a plot on the far end. With the low pressure, I like to have my sprinkler running when the ground is dry — it can just go on it’s own while I’m weeding or planting elsewhere in my plot. For more garden stories, visit Green Thumb Thursday.

I also got to spend some time with “G” of GAIN at the neuroscientist’s office. He’s in the beginning stage of two therapies to spur the underdeveloped parts of his brain. He is very motivated to have therapy. I don’t know that he would have been interested as a younger child to have either therapy because the relevance would have been lost. As a high school student, he can see why and how therapy can benefit him. Before his appointment, we checked out the river walk.



Five years ago, Mr. TellBlast and I walked here on our 15th wedding anniversary. Yesterday was our 20th anniversary, so it was fitting to revisit. I remembered pieces of the lecture from an Iowa Architectural Foundation architecture tour of City Hall as I strolled the river walk.  For example:

  • The river walk was designed one hundred years ago
  • Building anything west of the river was a huge debate
  • The end use of the current Hall of Laureates was also debated

hall of laureates


We ended his therapy outing with lunch at South Union Bread. For the same or lower price as Subway, there is a HUGE quality difference in the ambience and food. I highly recommend buying local.


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