Pin it! Do it! Make a burlap rug

I wrote earlier about visiting a coffee roaster. I went through Pinterest for burlap ideas, and saw a rug with fringe at Maiden Jane’s blog. After living without a rug under the kitchen sink for about a year, I thought a rug sounded great. I followed Maiden Jane’s instructions pretty loosely. Fringe sounded messy to me, so I left that out.

Upon inspecting the bag, I saw that I could take advantage of the selvege, so I unwrapped the twine that was binding the edges. [Unlike Maiden Jane, I cut the fabric just once. I also enjoyed the lack of odor. New burlap from the store smells horrendous. I  found this bag to have a very smooth texture, too. The other coffee bag is quite rough.]

burlap coffee sack
Unwrapping the twine from the edges was quick.


Then I spread out the burlap to see what I had to work with. There was a natural halfway point.

burlap sack
The bundle of twine (and all the scraps) near the top of the sack went into my bee smoker.


I know you want to see the tag, so here it is up close.


burlap coffee bag


I cut the sack in half where the fold is, then I trimmed the ends of the rug by folding and sewing a hem. I folded that hem under and sewed it again. Then I made the rug non-slip with $1 silicone caulking. I saw this silicone tip on Pinterest somewhere, but it was so long ago that I did an internet search. I think lines were applied crossways, but I didn’t want bumps under my rug. I found that the tile guy (we referred to him last year) has a short video about it. I think he brushed the silicone with a paint brush.

I applied the caulking crossways in four evenly spaced lines, and also lengthwise near the edge — so the backside of the rug was outlined in silicone, plus two lines in the middle. I suppose I could have made an “x” in the middle instead. After I squirted the caulking, I spread it with a yogurt lid that I had cut up.

silicone and burlap
You can buy larger tubes, but I didn’t because I didn’t want a lot of waste. I used a little less the contents of the small tube.


Once it was dried and see-through, I put the rug in my kitchen. My youngest asked if I put a sticker on the back of the rug. It is very non-slip and yes, sort of stuck to the floor. But it’s not really stuck, it just really stays in place. It peels off the floor very easily.

coffee bag rug


This project took very little time to complete. I sewed two straight lines (twice for each line), and used silicone caulking — now that I type that, a coffee sack rug seems like a very simple project. And I still have the other half of the coffee sack. What should I do with it?

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