My first food swap

I planned a food swap to one of my Facebook groups last month. Everyone attending had never been to one before. I was happy to see -anyone- show up.

What is a food swap? It’s an event where people bring food and the like, and trade for other food items on a one to one basis.

I turned some honey bears and lip balm bundles:

iowa honey food swap
6 oz. squeeze bears and two-packs of lip balm (poured the night before)

into a diverse, fun group of food —

iowa food swap
Yummy chai concentrate, barbecue sauce (and we were running out, too), two kinds of peaches in abundance, eggs, and daylilies

There were other things at the swap, like herbs and tomatoes, and interesting conversation and people and their families. We probably spent an hour setting up and chatting, followed by twenty minutes swapping, with another few minutes of wrap up. It’s easy to chat away the time and forget about schedules. It was an afternoon very well spent. My daughter said so, too. She enjoyed shopping the swap very much.

We talked about holding a monthly food swap, with a different location each time. Hopefully we’ll get baked goods, canned goods, and other produce items. I thought it was fun.

What happened to my trades? I immediately started a double batch of peach sorbet. It’s delicious and dairy-free! I love it!

The barbecue sauce went on some leftover shredded meat for my kids’ lunch sandwiches. The other peaches are sitting prettily in a glass bowl waiting for perfect ripeness tomorrow. Some of the chai is in our tummies. It’s fantastic.

You can find more information about food swaps at the Food Swap Network.

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