Honey is an agricultural crop

That is why it’s featured in the Ag Building at the Iowa State Fair. Honey has its own state honey producers association, just like the beef producer, soybean producers, etc. We have a crop or harvest; the yield is weather- and disease- dependent, just like typical monoculture big farms. There is also a ‘bee law’ protecting hives from pesticide spraying and drifting of spray.

honey, local
Queenline bottles filled with honey are judged the day before the fair opens. See any bubbles?

I’ve gotten requests over the years over whether someone can keep bees in their backyard. I find that a very encouraging sign for the honeybee and local food. The answer varies by city. Ordinances about livestock, pets, nuisances, etc. are potential places to look.

To learn more about beekeeping, talk to the honey producers at the state fair. That’s how we got our start. I hope you get to keep bees, too.

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