My August to date

Whew! August has been quite busy!

Week 1. I started the month with a Food Swap. (previously blogged in this post) Our next one will be in early September. I am really really looking forward to it!

Week 2. I made a corn creation for the state fair. I will have to write about it in more detail — why, how, etc. Here’s a photo:

corn floppy plaque ribbon edited

Because I’m authorized to substitute teach in the classroom and supervise homeschool families, I had a professional development (most of the world uses the term continuing ed) class for two entire days. Storytelling was the topic. The instructor is exceptionally good at storytelling, but I gotta tell you, I think the lifestyle/income cycle of an artist is not for me on a long term basis.

Week 3. Our beloved pastor passed away, and Mr. TellBlast and I, being the involved parishioners that we are, put in some hours at church and on the phone before and after his funeral.

Which meant that we didn’t really get the quality and quantity of time at the state fair that we wanted. Just two of the six of us were happy with the time spent there. I might give the kids some time to consider attending by themselves, together, next year. My job really kept me from having the time I wanted out there, but I am grateful to be working under the conditions I am. And I know I cannot control death and funeral arrangements of someone outside my household.

I had dinner with some moms, with my side of the family, and moved my oldest to college for her sophomore year of studies.

Week 4. I finally won the battle to get “I” of GAIN running with our team of choice. Lastly, school started. After weeks of crabbiness at the terms “open house,” “registration,” and ” school photo,” I can finally chill out a little.

What’s next?

  • I really want to attend a produce auction. My potato stockpile needs some supplying.
  • More fitness. I basically quit exercising. due to a knee and a new job. I just went to the gym today. It’s been embarrassingly long since my last visit, but I’ve been quite moved by members of the Facebook group I Run For Michael. I have a match, Chloe, and would love to share more later. It’s hard to put words to this, so I’m still trying.
  • Lunch dates. Mr. TellBlast and I traded evenings for afternoons in Q1 2013 and it worked well. Until our afternoons went away with summer vacation. We have one kid in particular who cannot be left unsupervised. We had one lunch this week, and look forward to reinstating this as a weekly date.

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