I didn’t mention our camping trip in “My August” post, but our first weekend in August was spent at a nearby campground. I had hoped to find some geocaches, but the undergrowth is denser than I like. Despite the drought, it’s fairly thick in most places at this park. So I ditched that plan quick. Mr. TellBlast and I stayed with our sons’ Boy Scout troop, which meant Dutch oven cooking.

dutch oven cooking
Monkey bread is a great breakfast!

The main objective of the weekend was to install a flagpole / Eagle Scout project.

Nothing warms my heart more than seeing kids work.
Nothing warms my heart more than seeing kids work.

The park has some heritage with our troop’s Eagle projects — an amphitheater and its stage, and back-trail campsite are past examples. The only low point of the weekend was our tent. The zipper is shot. We’d been babying it along, but it’s finally hit the dust. We’re trying to find out if the company can replace it. Our recent tents with issues have had part replacements, but this particular model is no longer in production.

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