I feel like I’m five years old

Was your kindergarten class like mine? Sitting at tables and making crafts are my kindergarten memories. Mrs. Axemeyer was a grandma type of teacher. I thought she was awesome. Until I saw that the class after mine made the exact same crafts! The straw that broke the camel’s back was seeing the new kids’ work on the wall — black construction paper kitty cats with eyes made of of clean empty jelly packets and Cheerios. I felt violated and un-unique after that.

Did you make one of these, too?
Did you make one of these in kindergarten, too?

I had that same feeling again when I realized that I needed a desk set to store my ink pens and lip balm at work. The trays for the drawer are terribly small. Like one pencil is all a person needs? So unrealistic. Whoever decided that a one pencil tray was a good idea was wrong. Then I changed my perspective. I remembered my homeschool friend Kelli “using some Amy Butler paper” to pretty up a juice can for her family’s art supplies. I thought that it could be an upgrade from the fabric and glue around a soup can, which is what we used in kindergarten. (Not that I don’t love things that kids make. I truly do. Who doesn’t? Mostly, I love seeing the process — pride in a child’s face is more valuable than the product itself.)

It’s a little like my kindergarten self was promoted to graduate school. I had a choice of papers, and used a “denim” looking paper with a classy floral overlay. I don’t feel like I need a bright or distinct color scheme because I heard that people rarely keep the same desk for more than a year, and I may not stay here that long anyway. Although I did consider wallpapering the drawer faces. The previous occupant removed a large sticker, and the paint came off with it. Not attractive.

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