Checking in, then checking out

I’m checking in quick to blog here to say, “Hello. I am still here and can write to you for a few minute before moving on to my next activity.”

Doesn’t that seem to be everyone’s way? The modern family motto appears to be, “Quick, quick, quick, what’s next?”

Because my love language is quality time, I like and do not like an active pace. Visiting interesting places and doing a variety of activities is a big component of quality time for me. However, just being can also be quality time. So I’ve blended these two ways – busy and not busy – to spend time over the past few months.

* Busy. I started to work outside of the home while the children are gone. If I am gone while they are gone, then I can be home when they are home. Which demands that…

* Busy. I keep an eye on my watch to minimize the time that I’m out shopping for groceries, etc. while the kids are home. If I keep my office hours to 20, I can squeeze errands in before they come home from school.

* Not busy. One activity per kid. Except for “G” of GAIN, who does two things — but one is a club that meets only once a month. No homework required.

* Not busy. Mr. TellBlast and I took the high school scouts under his wing. We had a campout two weeks ago. Camping can seem like “one more activity,” but really it’s about just being. There is a rush-rush around packing and setting up camp, but once that’s over, camping is an excellent way for kids to do more of this:

matt and ella talking (1) blogand also some of this:

tent blog

* We still have story time every now and then. One of our kids has a novel every month for a class. I’ll read from it so everyone can enjoy it when time allows after dinner.

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