Don’t cut out the templates for cardmaking

A looooooooong time ago, I bookmarked a cute template for a momma bird card over at mmmcrafts.

I finally printed it out and made some cards. Only took me two and half years! I think they are pretty cute even though I didn’t visit the post with the instructions until just a few minutes ago. But this post isn’t about how well I follow directions. I really want to show you my lazy ways.

You see, I don’t like cutting out template or pattern pieces. I cut them out, then they flutter away and get lost somewhere. I would store them in a sandwich bag if I could, but the reality is that whole sheets of paper are more my style for storage. I don’t have an organized file of sandwich bags. So I don’t cut out pieces. Instead, I scribble on the back of them with a pencil, like this:

card makingAfter I put a little lead on the backside, I flip the template over to the frontside, place my paper behind the shape I want (I hold it in front of windows, TV’s, and other light sources to keep from wasting paper), then trace the shape lightly.

card makingAll that is left is cutting out the shape and assembling the card. I think the cards look pretty cute before adding details.

momma bird card making

They look much cuter after details. I punched or drew eyes and cut beaks, and drew legs.

card making momma bird templateNow that I’ve read the instruction post, I see that my concern about the wings being hard to see has a solution — pop dots. I also think I could outline the shapes in pen or brush the edges of the shapes with ink.

What is left? Adhering these little plaques to light colored, traditionally folded cards.

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