How we do bread

I have always been a fan of home baked bread. My family really enjoys Abby’s Bread Recipe very much, but we usually have it with something yummy like roasted chicken.

home cooking juliecache
the oven doesn’t know how full it is. it has a thermostat. that’s it. so we make it full when it’s on — two chickens, baby.

That means we usually have leftover bread. Soft bread. Fresh bread. Can you smell it?

abby's bread seconds after pulling from the oven
This recipe is nice in that it makes one loaf.

I want to show you how we store our leftovers in a cookie jar. I think it encourages the kids to eat home baked instead of store bought.

bread in jar
Bite size pieces make it easy to and clean to eat one piece. If we visit South Union Bread Cafe, we’ll put their cutoffs in here for snacking, too.
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