Daily chat: I am that neighbor

i am that neighbor
at the church brunch with my high school senior

The other day I was driving “A” of GAIN to the store — she wanted to exchange a Christmas gift. Somehow, our daily chat became about our lifestyle, and it translated in being “that neighbor.” The neighbor who was cool even though no one was trying to be cool. Or maybe we’re the nightmare neighbors that people just can’t understand. How did we do that? Let me count the ways that she remembered:

  • we homeschooled
  • we have a compost pile int he backyard
  • we have beehives
  • we made due with one car for eleven years
  • I literally planted the seed for the city community garden program
  • we made crafts at a higher level than most people dream about

As long as it’s right for us, I’m OK with being ‘that neighbor.’

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