The year in review and the year ahead

The year in review

One sentence struck me. It came from my sister at Christmas. She said that I was always well dressed, so she gave me a scarf to keep it up. I wore it to work on Friday. Her comment made me pause: do I really dress well? Which leads me to…

The year ahead

I decided that I will document my outfits for a year. Two outfits today. Church followed by errands.

julia outfit 1 5 2014 (2)
ignore all the clutter in the background. please.

I am wearing a sweater over a dress.

I realized that I have a lot of ‘hardware,’ as in jewelry, when I looked at myself. I think I tend to break out the hardware for weekends, because it’s difficult to wear jewelry at my work.

I also realized that the pantyhose shown here are from Eddie Bauer and they are excellent. I have two pairs from Eddie Bauer, and have worn them multiple times for years. Great investment.

Normally, I would run from church to lunch to 4-H. But because of our extreme weather, everything was cancelled, so I got to go home and change clothes (yay!) and run errands.


This is what I chose to wear for the rest of the day:


julia outfit 1 5 2014 (1)


Pretty normal looking. I think about the opposite of well dressed:

What does poorly dressed look like?

I’m thinking the People of Wal-Mart, which is (hopefully) a very small percentage of us.

What does well dressed look like to you?

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