Powder room update

We had a leaking faucet. It dripped for over a year, we could hear it while we watched television in the other room, and got to a point where Mr. TellBlast couldn’t take it anymore. So he replaced the faucet. The faucet was so gorgeous that the rest of the room looked pretty crappy, and now….

We’re updating the powder room.

First, take a look at our bathroom. (I know, you can’t take a bath in there. The name bugs me, too.)

bathroom wallpaper roses

Pretty awesome, huh? Not. The wallpaper is roses. And under that, used to be duck wallpaper. I found the ducks under the trim around the door frame.

wall paper ducks roses

I spent some time working in here every night for a few nights. Removing wallpaper is not expensive, but time-intense. If you need to buy a wallpaper scorer, go for more teeth rather than less teeth. Because the room is rather small, I bought pre-mixed gel to spray on the wallpaper instead of the mix-your-own. Total cost was about $30.

wall paper scraped

What is left? Thanks for asking. We actually wrote the tasks on index cards for a visual to-do list and taped them to our wall. The tasks left to complete include:

  • Remove sink and cabinet. Cap off water.
  • Remove medicine chest. Patch drywall.
  • Remove toilet.
  • Remove light fixture.
  • Buy trim, new light, decide on chair rail, buy towel bar and paper holder
  • Paint
  • Make a cabinet for the niche.
  • Remove floor
  • Install new floor
  • Install toilet
  • Install new cabinet and sink. Turn on water.
  • Trim and install new hardware.

Here’s a shot of our paperless walls.

wallpaper removal

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