Powder room: Finishing the walls

The wallpaper came down.

The sink and its cabinet left. One “fun” note — the opening for the sink was narrower than the sink by 1/2.” So hey, let’s cut a slit in the wall and stick the extra length in there, OK? Yeah, because this sink is so awesome that no one will change it out. See what I mean?

bathroom hole in wall

I had to fix it. Happily, Mr. TellBlast told me about the small wallboards for sale, so I was able to quickly and easily cut a piece to patch the hole from a 4′ x 4′ sheet instead of getting an 8′ x 8′ — I can easily handle and fit 4 foot squares into my car and house. Since they take up little floor space, cutting it to size was easy — no furniture to move out of the way! Here is that wall patch:

bathroom hole fixed

Scoring and scraping the wallpaper left many flaws, so I covered the walls with “Venetian plaster” that I bought in the paint department.

bathroom, remodel, powder room, venetian plaster

This treatment hid the flaws and gave a different look than a basic painted wallboard. “I” of GAIN enjoyed finishing the walls:

bathroom venetian ella(15)

  • Remove sink and cabinet. Cap off water.
  • Remove medicine chest. Patch drywall.
  • Remove toilet.
  • Remove light fixture.
  • Buy trim, new light, decide on chair rail, buy towel bar and paper holder
  • Paint
  • Make a cabinet for the niche.
  • Remove floor
  • Install new floor
  • Install toilet
  • Install new cabinet and sink. Turn on water.
  • Trim and install new hardware.
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