Another well dressed week

what i wore wk of jan12 2014

Have I changed what I wear since I started thinking about always being well dressed? No, no changes, but I have thought about impressions some more. I think confidence level has a lot to do with others seeing you as well dressed. I can see this through my retail mall job. People with the same outfit can seem un-well dressed if their confidence is low, especially teenagers.

Another observation is that regardless of what I wear, I look the weight I am. Articles talk about looking heavier and lighter by wearing different clothes. Heavy and light mean weight, so I would re-word by saying I look thinner or fatter. I look thinner or fatter at the same weight. Clothing can emphasize and de-emphasize body parts, but I’m still the same weight.

An extreme example: A tall pregnant woman can be the same weight as a short pregnant woman, but one appears thinner and the other appears fatter. I am OK with being my weight. While I’ve never tried to gain weight, I currently endeavor to maintain or lower my weight.

Do you agree that heavy is not the same as fat and light is not the same as thin?

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