Tales of woodenware

Funny things can happen when you break out the wood conditioner (sometimes called spoon butter). During Christmas break, I had my kids give some love to the woodenware at my in-laws’ house. All of the wooden spoons and cutting boards needed serious amounts of TLC. My in-laws didn’t remember ever paying attention to their woodenware, other than keeping it clean in the dishwasher. (By the way, every woodenware maker I know says that dishwashers have a drying cycle that cracks the wood.) Conditioning products were never in the picture for them. Until Christmas, that is.

So where is the tale? The tale came from the granddaughter rubbing our wood conditioner into a small, whitewood cutting board with a handle. Grandma starts talking about the cutting board. It had been in the household forever, never presented to her children with any fanfare. But it should have been, because here we find out that it belonged to her grandmother, who had passed it on to her daughter, who had passed it on to her. 

We now have a family heirloom, lovingly cared for.

Want to know more about our wood conditioner? {Watch the video here.}


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