Powder room paint

I’ve always talked about having red in our house. This scared the pants off my husband, but I finally got it in the powder room. (And this is why we had to resort to an intervention interior designer before painting the last rooms on the first floor.)

The red is actually maroon or wine or Montpelier Red Velvet. Mr. TellBlast and I discussed balancing a strong dark color with gray, but I wanted to avoid the high school locker room look. Our school colors (yes, we attended the same high school and graduated together, aaaw, so sweet) were maroon and white, with a dose of gray.

We settled on taupe. The colors look nice between the hallway and the kitchen. I love the finish of the walls.

bathroom paint


  • Remove sink and cabinet. Cap off water.
  • Remove medicine chest. Patch drywall.
  • Remove toilet.
  • Remove light fixture.
  • Buy trim, new light, decide on chair rail, buy towel bar and paper holder
  • Paint
  • Make a cabinet for the niche.
  • Remove floor
  • Install new floor
  • Install toilet
  • Install new cabinet and sink. Turn on water.
  • Trim and install new hardware.
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