And now to take a break and show the kitchen. We’ve left a few things unfinished in the kitchen because we needed time to figure things out. Since we are not contractors with deep knowledge of available product, good search terms to find that product, or generally anything related to home renovation, we’re slow. However, we are unafraid to do new things.

Mr. TellBlast cut backsplash tiles for me recently. For a long time, I was resistant to having a backsplash because I liked the look without one. But going without has shown me that backsplashes are practical and have a purpose. And I should have them in my kitchen. I’m messy.

tiling home renovation DIY backsplash

 Our wall is not true, so there is significant gapping between the wall and counter/back of the cabinets. You can see my paint sticks under the tiles. Mr. TellBlast thought they’d be a better support than the little wedges that stores sell, and he was exactly right. Love that man’s brain.

I used pencils under the paint sticks to keep the top edge of the tiles even. Just slide the pencil toward the wall for more lift; away from the wall for less lift. I set cans of food on top of a few paint sticks for the same purpose.

backsplash tiles DIY home renovation

“So when you take away the paint sticks, how do you accommodate the gapping between the countertop and backsplash?” Waterproof silicone caulking is the answer. We chose black. Grout seemed like a bad solution. Additionally, the wall here is an exterior wall, and runs behind our sink.

caulking supplies

Headlamp in the lower right hand area of the photo — a necessity for the backsplash between the refrigerator, wall, and overhead cabinet.

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