You are what you wear

I’m comfortable and hopefully confident when you see me. I try to be what I wear, looking for form and function.

I’ve not posted every week , but I’m still photographing my outfits every day. I find that it’s a fairly interesting and somewhat useful activity. Similar to “Whatcha Wearing Wednesday” that is common to many blogs, I like reviewing my selections. For example, I have always struggled to find the right shoe for any given outfit. Once in a blue moon, I’ll get a hit, but mostly I get a miss, and I can feel it. With shoes (or any uncertain element of my outfit) that give me an unsure feeling, I’m about 90% right about it not working. I also see opportunities for more choices — if my job was different, I may be able to add scarves or my favorite, bracelets.

feb outfits

Giving the critical eye to my outfits has also helped me look over my hair. I’m struggling because static is an unavoidable part of winter for my mid-length hair. Part of me wants a short hairstyle. Part of me says to suck it up and endure the ponytail for another month.

How do you deal with staticky hair?

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    I just had about 6″ taken off of mine that hadn’t been touched since June 😉 doing childcare at home, I don’t style my hair very often, Monday through Friday its in a bun or pulled half up in a mini jaw clip. now that its shorter (just below my shoulders) I can actually wear it in a pony for more than 2 hours with out it pulling out.

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