Drop one knee (wall)

One change Mr. TellBlast has always wanted since we moved here was the dining room. The wall color bothered him (But what color? That’s why we had a designer come over.), the spindles bothered him, and the light fixture bothered him.

We had several people say that we could knock out the spindles and knee walls, so when (again) a professional-who-isn’t-named-Julia said that it was OK, he took them down.

knee wall (4) crop
He always hated the mauve walls.

Our older son took a home remodeling class at school, so he helped rewire and move the outlet.

knee wall outlet
All the wires here are unique to our house. We think. You ought to see the wires as they enter the basement. We don’t know what half of them do.

This flurry of activity gave Mr. TellBlast some bonus energy, so he also changed the light switch in our dining room from a dimmer switch that I’ve always hated (the ringing sound from the dimming is awful!) to a new white modern looking light switch. No dimming, no ivory dial knob that pops off every time I push it on or off, happy me.

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